Triple Cross

James Patterson [4 weeks ago]

Triple Cross Book CoverRead Triple Cross Book Review James Patterson , James Patterson's #1 bestselling hero Detective Alex Cross hunts down a serial killer who targets entire families—and who will next be coming for the Crosses. 
A precise killer, he always moves under the cover of darkness, flawlessly triggering no alarms, leaving no physical evidence.  
Cross and Sampson aren’t the only ones investigating.  
Also in on this most intriguing case is the world’s bestselling true-crime author, who sees patterns everyone else misses.
The writer, Thomas Tull, calls the Family Man murders the perfect crime story. He believes the killer may never be caught.  
Cross knows there is no perfect crime. And he’s going to hunt down the Family Man no matter what it takes.  
Until the Family Man decides to flip the narrative and bring down Cross and his family. 

Triple Cross Book Reviews

M vs M vs M ???
It is me or has James and team lost track of of all the “M’s”? First it was Kyle Craig as the Mastermind. Second was the “M” who kidnapped Ali and escaped the hospital- whatever happened to him?? Now M/Maestro. Kind of a messy, redundant story line with these various “M’s”.

Good book, but not great.

Disappointing all Around
To begin with, too much Bree. Too much jumping back and forth before Bree and Alex’s mysteries incredibly merge. The writing is flat and the ending much more unsatisfying than most Cliffhangers. Wish I had my $14.99 back.


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